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Tim Snell
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Tim Snell is president of Primary Purpose Coaching and Consulting, a company focused on helping leaders, teams, and individuals achieve their maximum potential and become authentically impactful in the lives of those they are around.  Through in-depth assessments and high-level leadership coaching, he helps his clients achieve top performance, lead whole and balanced lives, and have an lasting impact on their world because of how they lived and how they led.

Tim brings a wealth of experience to the coaching profession.  He has owned his own business, started and led two different nonprofits, served on several nonprofit boards, and also worked with churches as a licensed consultant for a number of years.   With over 30 years as leader in both the business and non-profit sectors, he has worked with hundreds of leaders, teams, and individuals from every walk of life.   Besides his coaching, Tim also serves as the lead pastor at Adventure Christian Church in Louisville, KY.

Using coaching and insightful assessments, Tim will come alongside you and your business, helping you overcome the roadblocks in your path and assisting you and your organization in getting to where you want to go.  Along the way he will challenge you to clarify your goals, pursue your God-given purpose, and begin to live life in a way that brings true satisfaction as you see lasting results in the lives of those around you. 

As your coach, Tim will:

  • Help you get unstuck.
  • Lead you on a path of discovery to be the most effective leader that you can be.
  • Stimulate better skills.
  • Help you discover a deeper sense of purpose.
  • Help you achieve life balance.
  • Inspire you to fulfill your potential in life.
  • Provide forward momentum toward achieving your goals.
  • Help you discover how to walk with God in ways that bring about a wholeness to life.

What to Expect

The primary coaching model you will experience is built around the word "Coach."

  • C onnect: Build rapport and trust. Review previous action steps.

  • O utcome: Coach and client co-create the agenda for the conversation.

  • Awareness: Encourage discovery, insights, and shifts in perspective.

  • C ourse: Capture insights and put them into 2-3 action steps.

  • H ighlight: Review learning and take-away from conversation.

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