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Primary Purpose Coaching
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Accelerating leaders to their maximum potential.  Cultivating healthy organizations which achieve extraordinary results.  

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The Mission
Tim Snell
My mission is to help leaders, teams, and individuals achieve top performance, lead whole and balanced lives, and make a lasting impact on their world.


  • Focus your life and business plan. 

  • Establish organizational clarity and instill a dynamic business culture.

  • Become the leader others will follow.

  • Discover greater significance and fulfillment by living according to your primary purpose. 

  • Unlock the performance and increase the motivation of your team, leading them to new heights.

  • Achieve the success you desire as you remove the roadblocks in your life, your relationships, and your work.

  • Improve your marriage and grow great kids as you create positive change in the most important relationships of your life.

  • Make a lasting difference in your family, your workplace, and the world as you learn to leverage your influence for what truly matters.

Tim Snell
Business Leadership Coach
Non-profit Entrepreneur

Turn Critical Moments Into Exceptional Outcomes
    Have you hit that wall in leadership where you aren't achieving your goals? Perhaps you are feeling empty and unfulfilled. As your coach, I will help you discover how to love leading again as you align your life and your values, overcome hurdles, and begin achieving desired outcomes.
    Is an unhealthy work environment, poor communication, or a lack of teamwork dragging your organization down? Using our Business Culture Health Assessment, we will assess nine key areas of your business health and help you instill a winning culture within your organization.
    Connecting customers to your business is the critical ingredient to success. We are here to help that happen. This Christ-centered group is built around a structured referral program and infused with coaching and leadership development to help your business grow.
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Tim Snell served superbly as my leadership coach.  Tim asked powerful questions, helping me gain invaluable insight into my “blind spots” and leading me to develop new opportunities as a business and church leader.  Based on his leadership experience in both churches and business, Tim brings a unique combination of keen business insight and strong support/encouragement.  He helped me bring both my head and heart into developing my goals and plans.  If you want an outstanding “thinking partner” who is committed to helping you live out your life’s purpose and calling, I strongly urge you to hire Tim as your coach today!
Pete Peterson, Maj Gen (USAF, ret)
President – Caleb Challenge
"I have known Tim for approximately 18 years. While he most definitely has excellent leadership and speaking skills, I am especially impressed with his ability to truly listen, without judging and his deep desire to make a difference in the lives of the people within his sphere of influence. If you want to become all you were created to be I strongly recommend Tim Snell to help you with that journey."
Marcia L. Cassiani, Director – State Operations
Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, Inc.

What People Are Saying

"Tim delivered an encouraging and motivating message with wonderful clarity and conviction at our community lunch.  The positive response and comments from the audience affirmed the impact of his message and the appreciation for his dynamic abilities as a public speaker.  I look forward to additional opportunities to have Tim speak at leadership events I’m involved in."
Clint Elliott, Legal Counsel
Encompass - Design, Develop & Construct
"When you work with Tim Snell at Primary Purpose Coaching & Consulting, you are getting a person who has lived what he is teaching.  I have known Tim for over 15 years and watched him grow into the leader and coach he has become.  Knowing your purpose in life is key. Tim will help you find it, enhance it, and take you to the next level!  Working with Tim over the years has allowed our family to grow closer together, and prosper in God’s Kingdom!"
Joe Belonger, Director of Operations
Aim Logistics, LLC

"In your interactions with me as a coach, you will experience the professionalism of a trained leadership coach, the insight of a business leader, and the heart of an experienced pastor.  With over 30 years of executive leadership experience spanning the business world, the church world, and non-profit sector, I will bring my diverse background to bear as I come alongside you for your own leadership growth and the growth of your team.  My passion is to help leaders and their teams reach their full potential, discover their God-given purpose, and live their lives for maximum impact as they lead in life , in the workplace, and in ministry."   

Tim Snell
Business Leadership Coach